The Geoxia Group is a key player in the private house market and covers all the activites and services relating to individual housing

About Geoxia

A serious and innovative group The exclusive phenix industrial construction system The advantages of combining steel and wood-fibre-reinforced concrete Technology transfer = success in your market

GEOXIA Group is one of the leading constructor of detached houses in France, integrating all of the businesses and services related to individual housing into 5 departments:


GEOXIA Detached Houses : design, sales, customer support and construction of detached houses in individual areas.

GEOXIA Development : franchising and international development, technology transfer of the PHENIX industrial process.

GEOXIA Services : maintenance, renovation, extensions, improvement, diagnostics and guarantees.

GEOXIA Technology  industrial production units (steel frames and concrete components), design office, R&D and test center dedicated to the PHENIX process.


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A serious and innovative group

innovative group

A committed construction companyGEOXIA, as leader in France’s construction sector, is at the forefront of all innovations in setting the standards for the industry. The Group is therefore an active member of the “Union des Constructeurs
Immobiliers de la Fédération Française du Bâtiment” (UCI-FFB) and the “Union des Maisons Françaises” (UMF), professional organizations dedicated to individual housing.


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The exclusive phenix industrial construction system

Thanks to its exclusive PHENIX system combining steel and concrete, GEOXIA has unique expertise in the industrialised construction of detached houses.


Excluive Phenix industrial construction system

Construction systemA metallic structure, called the frame, is covered with wood-fibre-reinforced concrete slabs. The structure itself is attached to the ground by way of steel chains. The construction always includes a crawl space.

Steel chainsShoring and a high-adherence steel chain are secured into the floor slab onto which the framework is solidly and completely anchored. These ensure the rigidity and strength of the house due to the mechanical cohesion of the whole system.

Building site organizationThe construction system involves just two teams working one after the other on the building site (major and secondary works). These teams perform all of the major building work except for the finishing sections. The industrial system that has been developed allows non-qualified workers to be trained within just 3 weeks. As the construction system is made up of elements that can be carried by hand, the building site organization does not require lifting equipment (cranes...) and thus gives greater scheduling flexibility and reduces equipment costs.


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The advantages of combining steel and wood-fibre-reinforced concrete

• Strength I Reliability I Durability
• Better waterproofing
• Superior thermal insulation
• Precise assembly
• Rapid construction
• Clean building site
• House already dry and clean on taking possession
• Resistance to parasite attack (wood-eating insects and other destructive pests)
• Resistance to landslides
• Storm resistance
• Resistance to earthquake movements (Standard NF P 06-014 – earthquake resistant construction of detached houses)
• Easy to extend later


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Technology transfer = success in your market

Technology transfer

The performance and professionalism of our partners and our experience in training ensure a complete transfer of expertise to local teams. The GEOXIA Group has an international presence in markets as varied as Europe, Africa and Asia.

License agreementYour license agreement with GEOXIA Group grants you the right to use our company’s patented construction materials and methodology, and guarantees that your company will have ongoing access to technical assistance from our team of experts. GEOXIA Group proven methods will minimize your financial risks while enhancing your development opportunities within your country.

Technical assistanceThe licensor, GEOXIA Group, will provide technical assistance in order to ensure that the company’s quality standards and verification procedures are properly implemented at your project site. The designs of the home that you build will comply with the technical standards published by the “Centre Scientifique des techniques du Bâtiment”, the French regulatory body responsible for certification of construction methods and materials.

TrainingLocal staff will receive technical and practical instruction in the GEOXIA Group methods. Additional training may be arranged as needed by our partners, subject to local working conditions and labour laws.